Welcome to my "Strange, Odd, And Disturbing Food Suppliers" page.  Having made a few happenstance discoveries of various strange foods, I felt it necessary to collect these into single location for those adventurous enough to try them.

If you happen to know of online retailers of Strange, Odd, or Disturbing food products please feel free to email me so I can check it out and add it to my page.


Updated 12/31/2011

That wonderful Scandinavian delicacy that just makes your mouth water just by thinking of it. Yeah, right!  Cod and lye.  Well if you ever wondered where you could get some of this delightful stuff here it is.

Nordic Delicacies
Camel Milk Chocolate

Updated 5/14/2016

So, you are in the desert and you are really, REALLY need chocolate.   

Visit the Camel Dairy


Updated 5/14/2016

All the world fears the tread of a man who eats haggis.  Or at least they fear his breath!

Sheep's Paunch (stomach bag), heart, lung, liver of sheep, and beef suet are all critical ingredients for "a haggis".

Looks tasty! Oh, if you want to make your own you can try this recipe.

Haggis at Amazon.com

Exotic Meats

Updated 5/14/2016

Not all that strange nor really all that odd, not even disturbing to some. But when you need it, where else are going to get Kangaroo, Antelope, Bear, Possum, Turtle, or any of a number of exotic meats?

Exotic Meats USA

Or Possibly some Green Curry Crocodile?

Green curry crocodile


Reviewed 5/14/2016

Ok, not really a supplier of anything but information, but still I find the concept of a food that can kill you a bit disturbing and felt I should share. I mean, would you really want to order something like this off the the net?

All about Fugo at Absolute Astronomy


Reviewed 5/14/2016

They crawl, wiggle, hop, and fly.  Slated to inherit the earth when we destroy ourselves, our only defense is to eat them first.

Edible bugs at Thailand Unique

Insect Candy at Hotlix

Pork Brains


Reviewed 5/14/2016

Never fear, where Armour foods had let us down Rose has stepped in to fill the void!

Pork Brains in Milk Gravy at ShopFoodEx.com

Ever need just a bit of brain food to get you through that tough project you are working on? Armour foods sells pork brains in milk.  Oddly enough, they don't give you a whole lot of details on the product.

Sadly, Armour foods has decided to discontinue this product. In a letter I received from them dated June 23, 2005, they state:

Thank you for taking the time to contact The Dial Corporation concerning Armour Star Pork Brains.

Because the overall demand for this product was so slight, it has been discontinued and is no longer available as part of our product line. As a result the recipe is no longer available either.

Imagine that! The demand was low! And it appears that the product was so bad they destroyed the recipe for making it.

Asian Drinks

Basil drink With Honey
Click image for larger picture.

Reviewed 5/14/2016

'Asians' will, apparently, drink all sorts off odd things. I was given a bottle of 'Basil Seed with honey drink' which as the appearance of being frog eggs scooped up from some swamp.  Here a couple places that list their products.



For a run down of some of these taste treats here are couple sites that review the experience.

No Apologies! Press  

Asian Snack Food

Updated 12/31/2011

You know, sometimes you just need a good old swig of Pocari Sweat to get you going, or maybe you need a quick snack of Muscat Gummy chews to tide you over till dinner.  No? Well then if you are up late at night you probably are looking for some BlackBlack gum; loaded with that caffeine you crave!  
Rocky Mountain Oysters

Updated 5/14/2016
Need some 'fries' with that? No, not french fries! Bull testicles! Also calf fries, lamb fries, turkey testicles, pork mountain oysters breaded and ready for your enjoyment.

McReynolds Farms

Natto (Fermented Soy Beans)

Reviewed 5/14/2016

Natto is a Japanese traditional food. Made from fermented Soy Beans, it is slimey, stinky, and reported to have a 'distinctive' flavor.

You can learn more about it HERE.

If you decide you MUST have some, try Japan Traditional Foods.

Civet Coffee

Updated 5/14/2016

Take one cute mammal add the coffee berry, one of their favorite fruits, let the digestive system process it a bit and excrete it, pick it up, wash it off, and roast it. You have Civet Coffee, one of the most expensive drinks in the world.

Learn a bit about Civets here. Get your 'earthy' coffee at Dean & DeLuca.

Huitlacoche or Cuitlacoche

Reviewed 5/14/2016

MMMM.... that's some GOOD infection.

Fungus that infects corn, now that is a taste treat that one should not pass up! And what do you know? Steve didn't, here is his report.

If after that tantalizing write up you just HAVE to get some for your self, you might try MexGrocer.com

Casu Marzu

Reviewed 5/14/2016

Cheese, everyone loves cheese and yes there are those stinky cheeses and the runny cheeses, but in general cheese is just good stuff. But this writhing cheese?

I will let Culture Cheese Magazine tell you more:
Casu Marzu: World's Most Dangerous Cheese?

Oddly, it does not appear you can order this anywhere.